• What is spinning?

-      Created in the 1980s by Jonathan Goldberg, Spinning® refers to high-energy indoor group cycling set to music and designed to provide an intense cardio workout, with low-impact moves that don’t stress the joints.

  • What are the benefits of spinning?

-      Spinning is one of the best calorie burning exercises with participants burning between 800-1,000 calories in a good 1 hour session.

-      It is great at building your cardiovascular health.

-      Unlike a group aerobics class, each participant can go at their own pace.

-      Although high energy, it is a low-impact workout that is easy on knees and feet.

-      It provides a great workout for the lower body and abs.

-      The camaraderie of spinning helps everyone to “feed” off of the energy of those around them

  • Why does S4L only offer spinning vs. other fitness centers with various exercise options?

-      S4L is an alternative to “big box” gyms.  But more importantly, we are committed to focusing on and perfecting the Spinning experience.  In fact, we are the only fitness center in Dallas county totally focused on Spin.  We make free weights and abdominal mats available for strength training.  Each quarter we also offer “boot camps” to keep your workout fresh.  Finally, we believe the camaraderie of Spin and the intimate, upscale environment of our studio fosters friendly, encouraging encounters that keep participants motivated and consistent in their fitness pursuits.

  • How many Spin classes does S4L offer?

-      We offer 15 classes every week (see the schedule on our home page or under the “Pricing & Schedule” tab)

  • Do I have to purchase a long-term membership contract?

-      No.  At S4L you have the freedom to design your own program and frequency plan.  We offer passes for a single class or drop-in rates. Additionally we offer UNLIMITED sessions for our Preferred Members at a low monthly, non-binding membership rate. You will not have to deal with iniation fees, cancellation fees or long term commitments.

  • I’ve heard a lot about S4L, but I don’t live in Uptown. Are there other locations?

-     Not at this time, but we hope to expand within the next 9 to 12 months