Customer of the Month

Our focus is to have a positive effect on our clients’ physical, psychological, spiritual and social health.  With that in mind, each month we will spotlight a customer who is celebrating a personal victory, special occasion or milestone, or who has an inspiring story that encourages others.

Introducing this month’s customer of the month: Dr. Cheryl B.

Dr. Cheryl is a person I’ve become very fond of over the past year. Cheryl came to S4L very green but also extremely eager to change a pattern in her life that has led to false hopes. Like most first timers, she was a little intimidated by indoor cycling and what the hour of spinning would consist of. But after a week of  attending classes, I saw the “lights go on” and Cheryl realize spinning was a way to weight loss and a better quality of life. What I admired most about Cheryl is when she decided that she wanted to make a change in her life for a healthier lifestyle, she went at it full speed ahead. Excuses became less and less for her. Cheryl found reasons to be in the gym and less excuses for why she couldn’t be in the gym. She committed herself to 4 days a week of cardiovascular training with 2 days a week for weight training along with a healthier eating regiment. Now the results have been very positive. Cheryl has lost over 40lbs. and 2 dress sizes and is still determined to do more. Cheryl is a great example of what consistency, dedication and perseverance can produce. Take a look at her profile and testimonial below and use this as inspiration for yourself and what you can achieve.


For the past few years I have put everything in my life before my health. The pressure of excelling at work and obtaining a doctoral degree were my priorities. I told myself that when I got that promotion and the degree, I would focus on my weight and health. Well, I got several promotions and the doctorate, but my focus did not change until I saw a picture of a person I no longer recognized. I knew that I had gained quite a bit of weight, but I told myself that as long as I had so much pressure from work and school, I deserved to eat what I wanted at any time I wanted. This destructive behavior went on for several years. When I saw that picture, I knew I had to make some changes or my health would be severely affected. So, I started to look through the multitude of exercise videos that I already had. Immediately, I had that sinking feeling of déjà vu. I needed something different, something that would excite me and keep me motivated. One day while watching TV, I saw an infomercial about spinning. I had heard of spinning but never tried a class at the gym. Again, I dreaded joining yet another gym with a contract that I never finished. More money down the drain I thought. However, spinning looked so different from anything I had tried in the past so I decided to look for a class in Dallas that I could try without having to join right away. I dreaded throwing more gym money down the drain. I searched the Internet and Spin4Life Studios popped up. The studio sounded so exciting and most of all fun. I decided I would try a class. The ability to try the class without having to sign up right away kept me from having a reason not to try it. And, the Uptown location was perfect.

After taking one class, I knew this was the workout for me. I was hooked! I immediately went out and bought spin shoes and a heart rate monitor. I was so pumped by the workout that I had to know just how many calories I was burning for each class. The class was fun and challenging and the great music kept me singing along and enjoying the class. The owner, Keith, led the class and I was so impressed by his ability to make a newbie with no spin experience feel comfortable in a class of spin enthusiasts. I never felt out of place or that I could not keep up, even though I could not at first. I felt like I had joined a family. Keith is extremely knowledgeable about spinning and has been a catalyst in helping to improve my overall health. One can tell that Keith is concerned with the overall health of his clients and this was another reason I chose to join Spin4Life.

After spinning for a couple of months, I noticed that my muscles were getting more toned and I had lost more than 10 lbs.; and, that was without changing my eating habits. However, I knew that to get healthier and to get more benefit from spinning I needed to improve my eating habits. Once I coupled my new healthier eating habits with spinning 3-5 times/week I began to lose more weight. To date, I have lost 40 lbs. spinning and eating healthy. While I still plan to lose more weight to get to my goal, I now have the combination that will get me there….Spin4Life and healthy eating!


Tatyana has been with me for about a year now and I have very proud of her resilience and her dedication to a healthier lifestyle. She is typically very quiet but the way she works in class speaks very loud. It is always a pleasure to see someone come to class for the first time, struggle at first, then all of a sudden the light bulb comes on. Once she learned how to manage her workout on the bike and dedicated herself to spin as her way to fitness, Tatyana has been one of my favorite students and its been a pleasure training her. Please take a look at the pictures below and Tatyana’s testimonial and maybe her words will inspire all of us to keep with a strong fitness regiment.


Before Before after After   


Moving to Dallas from Michigan two years ago, starting a new job and trying to settle in a big city put me in a “weight denial” for a whole year. I just quit weighting myself, mistakenly hoping that extra stress would burn extra calories.  After a long stressful work day, it was much more enjoyable hanging out at a French bakery with my best friend, eating an almond croissant rather going to a gym. Just the thought of running on a treadmill made me feel bored. The wake-up call became my annual checkup, when the scale showed a 20 pounds gain since my previous annual appointment. I felt grossly overweight but it was still not enough to give up my sweets and go back to a boring cardio routine. Fortunately, at one of my apartment events I met Keith who told me about his newly opened spinning studio. The location was perfect, the price – affordable. What would I lose?  Perhaps, those unwelcome pounds that rudely surrounded my hips and rounded up my already round face. I started taking a couple of classes a week and in a few weeks noticed that five pounds were gone quickly. I was happy. In addition, I started learning Argentine Tango and gaining strength at my spinning classes. Keith really helped me to keep up on the dance  floor. Finally, my work related stress kept magically disappearing after just one hour of spinning. I started feeling mentally and physically good. When I came back to my annual checkup in November 2009, I was very proud that the scale showed a drop of 25 pounds.

I lost weight but gained confidence, a better attitude and emotional happiness. Two months ago I switched to a monthly unlimited plan and sometimes took two sessions a day – in the morning and at night.  Somehow, I got addicted.

Most importantly, Keith’s classes are totally different from spinning sessions I have taken in the past.  Keith is doing such a great job by keeping us challenged and motivated. In addition, he changes the routine frequently so his classes are never the same. The music is awesome and the bikes are very nice. Also, Keith has a great personality and it is fun to be around.  He remembers people’s names, makes funny jokes and I don’t even mind when he laughs at my football ignorance.

By the way, I never gave up my love for sweets or other food. In fact, I am against dieting and starving. I found what works for me and if I eat a little more that I am supposed to, well, that’s when the unlimited pass comes handy – I just head to the Spin4life Studios and take an extra session.