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Ivy's Logo Ivy Halford is licensed to practice in both Texas and California as a paramedical esthetician. She has extensive expertise in both skin care and make-up, as well as all-around physical wellness. She offers “above and beyond” skin care for the discerning client at her private clinic locations. Both men and women alike benefit from Ivy’s services.Ivy has studied at both Ron Renee’s School of Cosmetology in Texas and Joe Blasco’s Hollywood School of Make-up and graduated in the top of the class at both. Adding to her knowledge of skincare and business, Ivy studied health and physical fitness at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, and business at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business in Malibu, California. With this background, Ivy launched her career at Rachel Perry Natural Cosmetics. She then went to work for Dermatology Associates in Beverly Hills, California, spending ten years at one of the nation’s best dermatology practices as their much sought-after paramedical esthetician. With her busy schedule, she also continued to work as a make-up artist in Hollywood, being called to work on many productions. In 1990, Ivy went into business for herself and opened Ivy’s Skincare and Make-up Garden in Santa Monica, California. She is known as one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets for transformational treatments. Her celebrity clientele trusts her, knowing they will look even better after a treatment and can go back on set and immediately back to work. Bringing with her a wealth of experience and expertise, Ivy has since expanded her business, as she has opened two skincare clinics in Dallas and San Antonio, Texas.
Ivy’s Approach
Ivy uses a clinical approach to skin care. She has expertise in this field from training and working side-by-side with dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for over 20 years. Her clinic uses the newest technology on the market – from diamond-tip microdermabrasion to IPL therapy.Ivy uses all natural skin care products designed specifically for her treatments, as well as for anti-aging and cell rejuvenation. Based on her own experience battling troubled skin as a teenager, after trying just about everything, she knew there had to be a better way to leave a skin treatment than with red and irritated skin. With the onset of the right natural products and machines to calm the skin, you look and feel better than when you came in for a treatment.
About the Clinic Treatment
Ivy’s treatments are non-invasive and have no downtime, and Ivy specializes in settling the skin after each treatment. Ivy’s specialized clinic treatment includes specific individual treatments that when combined, have the most significant effect on the skin in the shortest amount of time. All of Ivy’s treatments are conducted in a relaxing environment.  


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Lululemon Athetlica is athletic apparel for athletes, by athletes. The company, first launched in Canada, is celebrating their tenth year in the U.S, and has also expanded to Australia and China.  The once only yoga brand now sports cross functional athletic wear, for men and women  from running, to tennis, to cross-training.  Dallas is currently home to two stores, the Galleria, and the Lovers Lane Showroom, which is perched up on the second level of the newest building at the Pavilion Shopping Center just west of the Dallas Tollway. The showroom is a cozier version of a retail store; opened Thursday-Saturday with a great selection of our men’s and women’s lines. During the week, they host private parties, plan community events, put lulu on wheels for trunk shows, and act as local experts on where to find great yoga, Pilates, fitness, or just plain fun in the Dallas area!

The Showroom  will take a permanent home in Northpark Mall, summer 2009.

Web Address: http://www.lululemon.com/dallas/loverslaneshowroom