I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU because attending your spin studio was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m sad that I’m moving
out of town and can’t continue, but I wanted to tell you that in only 3 months I lost 15 lbs and my cholesterol and triglyceride levels came down from dangerously high level to normal.

You have a gift, every class was not only challenging and an intense workout, but they were all fun and there was always a new fun routine
to keep things interesting. The music was amazing and so was the variety of hours available. However, the best part as I’ve told you before is that you learned each of our names and coached us individually. That was really, really cool.

Thank you so much for making me healthy, and thank you for caring Keith. I wish you the very best, and I’ll let you know how I’m doing in



“After years of fencing several hours a week and running an average of eight miles a day my knees paid the consequences.  My doctor basically told me I had to stop if I wanted to walk when I’m 60.  I tried other things, including power walking, only to feel disappointed for not being able to achieve that sense of accomplishment that only comes after having had an amazing work out.  I found Spin4Life by accident last year and I cannot tell you what a difference it has made in my life.  The work outs are challenging; you can push yourself as much as you want; and the best part is that it is doctor-approved for those of us with worn out knees.  I’m addicted now!”

~  Joanna

“I’m a spin addict; I must start my day with a 6:00AM dose of Spin4Life.”


“S4L – The 8th Wonder of the World! …where do I begin?!? In a nutshell, two knee surgeries within 3 months, cycling being the primary part of my rehabilitation, I am back in my pumps and a few pounds lighter! Never before have I been committed to any fitness regimen, now I look forward to each S4L session I attend. I continually recommend to all of my family, friends, and strangers alike to come and experience the GREATEST workout of all time provided by SPIN4LIFE!”

Cyclist Since 2008

“I began Spin4Life in Sept 08, in need of an exercise program that would help me shed pounds and shape up. I had already tried having a personal trainer, running, along with playing soccer, but I was not getting the results I thought I should.  I had attempted spinning a few years back, but thought it was too hard and it was probably the result of an instructor who did not encourage the newcomers. At Spin4Life, Keith, along with his other trained staff, have giving me the encouragement to continue spinning and to Spin4Life! I spin 4-5 a weeks, I have lost 10 lbs and my legs, buttocks and even my upper body have been transformed! and not to mention the best cardio workout ever! I have to admit I am hooked!

I recommend to anyone who truly is looking for the ultimate workout!”


“I have to say that I was a little skepitcal going in. But I was sold on my first class. The studio has a “comfy feel” and I like that I don’t have to go into a gym. Keith, you have been a great motivator.  My experience there has been great and i now go an average of four times a week.”



I started on my birthday over seven months ago and am now up to spinning three times a week!  I am now “addicted” to spinning!  Keith, the owner/personal instructor, is AWESOME!  The music and routines are motivating and challenging.   His enthusiasm is the best motivation to keep me working and exceeding my exercise potentials.  I also did the boot camp last December and ALL the trainers are wonderful!  I also love the other spinners.  We are a team and I look forward to my team-mates I have met at the studio. Everyone is so encouraging and fun!  I am so excited to be part of the studio and love that even at 48 years old I can keep up with the younger members!!!  I highly recommend this studio… make a six month goal for yourself… YOU will NOT regret it!!!  Thank you Keith for a fun way to start the morning and get my workout in!”

~Mary Ann

“I’ve finally found something that produces some real results and has me well on my way to my fitness goals.  Thanks to Spin4Life, I am sporting a toner, smaller me….19 pounds smaller to be exact in only 5 months! The energy in that yellow house is electrifying and addictive! The instructors are inspiring and actually make the workout fun.”


“Spinning at Studio4Life is an exhilarating, challenging ride. It is fun and addicting and you will see results much sooner than any other workout. Watch those pounds fall off quickly as you dance them away on your cycle.”

~Bronwyn Levitan