Individual Pricing

To better accomandate our client base S4L Studios have developed 5 different packages for you to choose from. We understand that work and life schedules are demanding, which is why you can choose from a “single session”, “5 or 10 class packs” or “monthly unlimited” sessions. friendsfamily-winner-002We also have a “combo pack” which includes spin and personal training. Additionally, every Saturday S4L Studios offers a “Group Boot Camp”. This class is designed to help members tone, shape and build muscles, through circuit training.

Single Session/ Drop-in - as often as you like. Be our guest!

5 Sessions Package - will last 30 days for the day of purchase.

10 Session Package - will last 60 days from day of purchase.

Combo Package - includes unlimited spin with 2 personal training sessions per month. Three month minimum commitment.

Preferred Membership - has 3 full month commitment and requires a 30 day cancellation notice.

Group Boot Camp – Circuit training designed for body shaping, toning and flexibility.


Whichever you choose, you will experience a workout session that promises 500 to 800 calories burned and the best music and routine to keep you motivated. Personal training sessions will help you tone your muscles and enhance your metabolism burn.

Single Class/ Drop-In Session: $20

5 Sessions Package: $85.00

10 Sessions Package: $150.00

Combo Package: $125.00

Preferred Membership Unlimited Sessions: $75.00 (each month)

Group Boot Camp: $50 (each month)