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I am a fanatical spinner and attend various classes around Dallas 4-6 times per week. I will also walk out if instructors do not present a challenging class or if the equipment is sub-standard. Thankfully, this does not happen at S4L Studios.

The equipment is new and well maintained (30+ bikes all with clips for bike shoes), the spin room is spacious as well as immaculate, the music is modern, the spin crowd very friendly (but aren’t all spinners?) and the instructors I have worked with – Keith and Tawana – are excellent!

The $140 for 20 sessions package is a good value for someone like me who takes classes at several places. (I think it is $10 per session if you buy individually.) There are plenty of classes 6 days per week, so I can always find one that fits into my schedule.

The only negatives (and they are minor) are that they do not have a towel service (they do sell them on-site) and there are no Sunday classes. (If there is a Sunday class somewhere in Dallas, someone please let me know.)

Highly recommended for all levels of experience.
Michael P


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  1. April Smith says:

    I tried my first spin class last week and I am already hooked. Talk about an intense workout but very easy to catch on to. I highly recommend this class to someone who is just getting into a fitness regimen or even someone who has been working out for years. I’m going to commit to at least 10 classes this month because I enjoy how the instructor Keith gets me motivated and the people who go seem very friendly (not to mention, the music is GREAT)! Also, the perks of bringing a friend is great because every friend you bring, you get a free spin. And as Spin4Life’s motto goes, “Friends don’t let friends spin alone!”. See ya in class!

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